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No matter how simple or complex your small business is, www.arrowsmithcomputers.com can tailor a computer system to suit your needs.

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As small business owners, none of us can afford to lose time dealing with computer issues. Arming
ourselves with knowledge about our computers and operating systems can go a long way in preventing issues
from happening to begin with. A great place to start learning the basics about your computer and operating
system is to sit down and actually read the owners manual and help files. You may also find some of the very
best tips by talking with others about those things that have been helpful for them.

One of the best tips I have learned over the years is to back up my computer onto a portable drive as often as
possible. You never know when the electricity will surge, the lightning will strike, or the hard drive will just
give out. By backing up your saved documents often you will never have to spend hours upon hours recreating
everything you lost.

It is always important to keep your computer well maintained. One thing the inexperienced computer users forget
to do is keep their anti virus program up to date. Anti virus programs are not install and forget programs. They
need to be kept up to date! Check the instructions on how to have the program automatically update itself. If it
doesn’t have this feature make sure you do a manual update regularly (i.e. at least once a week, more often when
there are rumours of viruses going around). Even if the program is set to update automatically it wouldn’t hurt to
do a manual update every day or more often when the word is out that a virus is going around.